Newspaper Articles – Rina Shah

Medicare Prescription Drug Program Under Pressure From Activist Groups

A coalition of activist groups is pressuring Congress to end a market-based component of Medicare in an attack on the popular prescription drug program.

Britain's NHS Denies Care for Patients Paying Privately for Drugs

British taxpayers suffering from life-threatening diseases are being denied many of the latest and most effective drugs because of a government policy disallowing co-funding with private companies.

Russia's Failed Universal Health Care Program Exposes the Perils of Single-Payer Systems

Despite outgoing Russian President Vladimir Putin's doubling of state spending on health care over the past two years, complaints about crumbling infrastructure, poor quality of medical services, a

Online Health Info System Is Unveiled by Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation has released a new software product and free Web-based platform that allows individuals to collect, store, and share their electronic medical records.