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Report: Rural Virginia Hospitals Won’t Qualify if Required to Re-Enroll in Medicare

Nearly two-thirds of rural hospitals in the United States would fail to meet location requirements if required to re-enroll in Medicare, an inspector general’s report from the Department of Health

Election Will Resolve Virginia’s Medicaid Decision

The question of whether Virginia will accept the Medicaid expansion under President Obama’s health care law may be answered in the voting booth when residents pick their next governor.

Virginia Hospitals Push for Medicaid Expansion While Taxpayers Feel the Pinch

While Virginia studies whether to expand Medicaid eligibility under President Obama’s health care law, the state’s hospitals have lobbied hard to accept billions in federal funds as part of the exp

Virginia Bill Would Shield Taxpayers with High Medical Expenses from Obamacare

Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall says he wants to ensure that although the federal income tax code will change because of President Obama’s law, Virginia won’t necessarily follow in lockstep.

More Housing Rescues Possible Because of Fannie and Freddie

Five years after the housing collapse of 2008, the U.S.