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States Launching a Quiet Revolution in Infrastructure Funding

There is a quiet revolution in transportation funding underway these days.

California’s Bullet Train Slowed by Fresh Uncertainties

Barely recovered from the damaging effects of the Sacramento Court ruling late last year denying the California High Speed Rail Authority access to Prop 1A bond funding, the bullet train proje

More Setbacks for California's Embattled High-Speed Rail Project

The Sacramento court's decision denying the California High Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) access to Proposition 1A bond funds was the first in a series of setbacks suffered by the hig

A Major Setback for California’s High-Speed Train

The future of the California High-Speed Rail project hangs in a precarious balance as a result of two rulings handed down by Sacramento Superior Court Judge Michael Kenny on November 25.

States Are Working to Avert Feds' Transportation Funding Crisis

A recent hearing of the Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee on "The Need to Invest in America's Infrastructure and Preserve Federal Transportation Funding" made it painfully cl

The Obvious Solution to the Transportation Funding Crisis

Congress adjourned for the summer with neither the House nor the Senate passing  Fiscal Year 2014 appropriations for transportation.