Newspaper Articles – Anna Giaritelli

Indiana Data Collection Unites Political Parties, Angers Parents

Indiana is designing a database to store information about individuals’ schooling to improve vocational planning efforts.

School Choice Caucus Established in Congress

The Congressional School Choice Caucus is the first group of its kind on Capitol Hill.

Hope Deferred for Mississippi’s Overlooked Special-Needs Students

Mississippi’s Department of Education has made a habit of pouring taxpayer money into lawsuits against parents of special-needs students rather than funding improvements in the state’s subpar progr

Oklahoma Lawmaker Plans to Offer Parent Trigger Bill

One lawmaker is working to push Oklahoma to follow the example of California and a handful of other states by implementing “Parent Trigger” laws.

First Common Core Lawsuit Tossed Out

A Kentucky judge has thrown out the nation’s first lawsuit against Common Core, saying the plaintiff had no standing t

Unions, Anti-Choice Activists Sue Over North Carolina Vouchers

On December 11, 25 plaintiffs sued North Carolina over its new law granting low-income students vouchers to attend private schools if their families choose.

Father Sues Kentucky Over Common Core

Kentucky is once again leading on Common Core national education standards, but not like its sponsors in the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers would like