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Minnesota companies score Obamacare exemptions

In a significant victory for religious liberty and economic freedom, the American Manufacturing Company has received a permanent federal exemption from provisions of the Affordable Care Act that co

Minnesota Taxpayers Removed from Funding Equation

Minnesotans faced 39 school operating levy referendums on the ballot this fall, fewer than in any election since 1996. They nixed one of every four proposals at the polls.

Superintendents Retire, Get Rehired with Pension and Pay

In Edina, Minnesota, public school superintendents retire for a few days before they’re lured back for a sequel at their former jobs, with full salary, benefits, incentives, and&nbsp

Financial Losses Are Par for the Course at Municipal Golf Clubs

To get an idea of the uphill lie facing many municipal golf courses in Minnesota, check with Fred Richards. But you better get a tee time, and soon.

‘Free’ Phones Have Hefty Price for Other Telephone Users

Fraud and abuse continue in a government-run phone service for low-income Americans, and the cost of the Lifeline program continues to escalate in Minnesota, a Watchdog Minnesota Bureau review show

Anheuser-Busch Plant Cuts Consumption, Still Sees Utility Costs Rise

Moorhead, Minn. plans to charge its local Anheuser-Busch plant higher rates for power and water, adding tens of thousands of dollars to bills that already total about $1.75 million annually.

Obamacare Mandates Mean Cuts or Higher Costs for Minnesota Schools

Thirty is the magic number in the Affordable Care Act for hard-pressed Minnesota school districts scrambling to avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalties and new healt

Minnesota Moves to License Interior Designers

There’s no accounting for taste in Minnesota -- unless, of course, the government says so. Minnesota, like Florida, Louisiana and Nevada, wants to license interior designers.

It's (Financially) In the Hole!

Minnesota’s golf season typically runs shorter than in most places, but for one city-owned course, it was over before it started this year—and taxpayers are still being hit with substantial upkeep

Minnesota Counties Assess Costs of Obamacare Implementation

Beyond its impact on states and the nation, President Obama’s health care law has effects on county governments as well, as Minnesota counties are currently discovering.