Newspaper Articles – Jarrett Skorup

National Group Gives Michigan a ‘D’ for Forfeiture Laws

The national grassroots group FreedomWorks, which has 6.9 million members and supports limited government, gives Michigan a “D” in a new report about civil asset forfeiture.

You Can Fight in a War but Can’t be a Security Guard in Michigan

Michigan is tied for the nation’s most stringent licensing requirement to become a private security guard.

Lawmaker: Police ‘Out of Control’ With Property Seizures

Jacque Sutton didn’t commit any crime but police impounded his 1989 Mustang GT and charged him $900 to get it back.

New Report Shows High Costs of No-Fault Auto Claims in Michigan

Michigan legislators are considering reforming the state's automobile insurance laws in order to save drivers money while still providing robust coverage.

Cities Fight Food Trucks As Some of Them Receive State Subsidies

Food trucks are a growing part of the cuisine scene in Michigan and nationwide, but should the government be picking winners and losers among truck owners?

Study: Adopting Medicaid Expansion for Temporary Waivers ‘Ill-Advised’ for States

A new study challenges the claim of some lawmakers that by adopting the Obamacare Medicaid expansion states can gain greater flexibility in reforming the controversial program.