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Rural Nebraskans hit with Big Obamacare Rate Hikes

LINCOLN, Neb.–Allan Douglas has been selling insurance since the 1980s, and as the owner of an independent insurance agency in Omaha he had a front-row view of the rollout of the Affordable Care Ac

Nebraska’s Tax Dollars at Work: Promoting a New Outlet Mall

A new outlet mall officially opened in Gretna, Nebraska before Christmas, and shoppers were enticed to buy Coach purses and Nike shoes with the help of $16.7 million of public subsidies for marketi

Nebraska Mall Has $112 Million Price Tag . . . and $58 Million of Subsidies

When a new outlet mall opens in November between Nebraska’s two largest cities — Omaha and Lincoln — shoppers can look around and thank the government for putting up more than half the money to bui

Nebraska State Health Insurance Plan Under Fire, Reforms Considered

Nebraska state lawmakers are considering changes to the state health insurance program after an audit found the program’s per capita cost to be the highest in the nation.