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Rearranging Economic Development Agencies in Michigan Is an Old Idea

As if to prove there is nothing new under the public policy sun, Michigan Gov.

‘Winning’ Economic Policies Combine for States’ Success

Scholars with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, as well as other institutions, have often used descriptive statistics in conjunction with empirical evidence to tell stories — sometimes, profou

A Better Way to Protect Detroit Pensioners

Press accounts yesterday described the potential for s

Detroit Rescue Plan Leans (Lightly) On Privatizing City Services

The city of Detroit has published its plan of adjustment detailing how it intends to solve the city’s fiscal and other problems.

Cigarette Smuggling Still Rampant Despite Slight Decline

As state and local units of government continue to hike cigarette excise taxes to raise revenues, smugglers apparently continue to profit from their illicit trafficking.

Money for Nothing if State Gives Detroit $350 Million

At a press conference Wednesday, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) explained why he wants to give $350 million in state money — which he insists is not a bailout — to Detroit.

A Tax Hike Al Capone Could Have Loved

Councilmen in the City of Chicago recently passed a 50-cents-per-pack increase in the city's cigarette tax, and with it a likely increase in smuggling and related crimes.

‘Prohibition by Price’ Drives Cigarette Smuggling in New York, Elsewhere

Cigarette taxes have been in the news lately, and not just because politicians keep raising them.

Michigan Voters Trounce Tax-Restraint Measure

Michigan voters in the November 6 election rejected a statewide ballot initiative for a constitutional amendment to make it more difficult to raise state taxes .

Study Finds No Safety Benefit to ‘Alcohol Control’ Distribution Regulations

Eighteen states are categorized as “control” states for the way they regulate alcohol distribution.