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Closing Pensions a Litmus Test for Detroit Reform

A Detroit money-grant and reform legislative package just introduced in the Michigan House contains dozens of new institutional arrangements, but just tw

Michigan Shouldn’t Buy Into the Medicaid Myth

Michigan Republican Gov.

Michigan Governor Promises: 'I'm Not Ever Going to Raise Taxes Again'

At the end of a year-long, successful campaign to impose a $1.4 billion tax hike on Michigan's groaning economy, Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) announced, "I'm not ever going to raise taxes again.

Michigan Legislature Approves Income Tax Hike, New Sales Tax

In the early morning hours of October 1, while Michigan's state government was officially in the process of shutting down for lack of a legal budget, a few Republicans essentially capitulated and g

'Shift-and-Shaft' Tax Proposal Ekes out Win in Michigan

Michigan real estate owners will have to pay part of their county property taxes five months sooner next year, a move that amounts to a tax increase, according to an analysis by the Mackinac Center