Newspaper Articles – Dennis Byrne

Secret Ballots Defeat UAW After Majority Backed ‘Card Check’ Effort

Stripped of all the rhetoric rationalizing why the United Auto Workers lost a critical election at a Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tenn., one indisputable fact remains:

Illinois Governor Paints Rosy Picture of State's Ugly Finances

Illinois, perhaps the most financially challenged state in the Union, is either inching back to health or accelerating its plunge into insolvency—depending on who’s doing the talking.

Chicago-Area Transit Band-Aids Won't Stop the Bleeding

Hemorrhaging red ink, the Chicago-area mass transit system has avoided yet another threatened "doomsday" of fare increases and service cuts ...

Mayor Returns $48 Million to Taxpayers, Then Retires

Every year, folks in Crestwood, Illinois, a suburb southwest of Chicago, open their mail to find a check paying for half their property taxes.

Chicago Proposes 401(k) Accounts for Transit Workers

A groundbreaking effort to switch a public employee pension system from a defined benefit plan to a defined contribution plan is underway in Chicago.

Temporary Stadium Keys Chicago's Olympic Bid

A plan for construction of a temporary stadium was central to Chicago's winning bid to host the 2016 Olympics.

Pricetag for Rebuilding Ill. Expressway Doubles

In Illinois' own mini-version of Boston's Big Dig, the costs to rebuild Chicago's Dan Ryan Expressway have nearly doubled from original estimates, to about $1 billion.

Illinois County Will Borrow $200M

For the first time in a decade, America's second largest county--Cook County, Illinois--has been forced to authorize a multimillion-dollar line of credit to pay current bills.

Chicago Puts a Heavy Price on Smoking

Finding no other palatable source for additional revenues to balance his 2006 budget, Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley has settled on a big increase in city cigarette taxes.