2014 June School Reform News

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June, 2014
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The June issue of School Reform News reports the lengths to which parents will go to get their kids into good schools. “My parents worked around the clock to put me and my three older sisters through Catholic education,” said Kara Kerwin, president of the Center for Education Reform. Other parents camp out in order to be first in line to register their kids at a better school ... and some risk jail.

Also in this issue:

  • Ohioan Kelly Kohls is organizing the National School Boards leadership Council to “coach school board members on to how to achieve more local control and always accelerate student achievement.”
  • Louisiana lawmakers are at the forefront of a national debate over protecting student data.
  • New Zealand researchers have discovered easing recess restrictions eliminates school bullying.
  • A low-income Tennessee mother is now able to send her son to a private school, thanks to private scholarships.
  • As many private schools across the nation convert into charter schools, one charter chain is about to do the opposite.
  • Colorado teachers are flocking to firearms classes, but they can’t bring guns to school to protect children.
  • Wisconsin’s voucher program revitalized the lives of this single mom and her daughters.

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