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The Role of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment in Human Nutrition

Much publicity is currently being given a paper entitled “Increasing CO2 Threatens Human Nutrition,” which was recently published in the British journal Nature, where a team of 20 scientists reports the results of experiments they conducted at seven different Free-Air CO2 Enrichment or FACE facilities, at the conclusions of which they harvested the edible portions of six major food crops -- which they had grown in both ambient and CO2-enriched air, and which they analyzed for their...

Amphibians and Reptiles Facing the Challenge of Climate Change

“Overall, plastic and genetic variation in amphibians and reptiles could buffer some of the formidable threats from climate change” and could thus “dampen some of the doom and gloom associated with research on biotic responses to climate change”... Read More Does Temperature Change Necessarily Imply Stream Flow Change? (10 Jun 2014) This question is investigated in a study of the U.S. Colorado River Basin... Read More The Virtual Water Content of Chinese Crops (10 Jun 2014) According to the...

Old Trees: The Bigger They Are, The More Carbon They Sequester

New data overturn an old concept, revealing that “rapid growth in giant trees is the global norm” and “it appears to hold regardless of competitive environment”... Read More Growing More Tasty and Health-Promoting Greenhouse Tomatoes (3 Jun 2014) Tomato fruit plucked from plants growing in a greenhouse with CO2-enriched air looked better, felt better, smelled better, tasted better and were better for one’s health. What more could one possibly ask? ... especially of what the U.S. Environmental...

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