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Crops vs. Weeds at the Northern Edges of Their Current Ranges

Climate alarmists project weeds will increase. Experimental results indicate otherwise, deflating yet another one of the global warming scare stories... Read More Simulations of Mediterranean and Northern Africa Precipitation (5 Aug 2014) According to the authors of this study, “the failure [of present-day state-of-the-art climate models] to simulate observed mid-Holocene changes in the north African monsoon and the potentially linked failure to simulate the observed shift in rainfall...

The Maldives’ Corals Seven Years after the 1998 Bleaching Event

How did they respond to the most devastating bleaching episode of modern times? Better than some predicted, suggesting that forecasts of their demise are likely highly exaggerated... Read More Climate-Change-Induced Flooding (29 Jul 2014) More frequent and more devastating floods are both (1) predicted for the future and (2) claimed to already be occurring by a host of climate alarmists, as a result of climate change that they claim is induced by anthropogenic CO2 emissions. But are these...

A Global Fire History of the Past Century

What does it reveal about the relative roles of climate change and direct human impacts? Based on the results of this study, it is crystal clear that mankind’s various activities constitute by far the most important single factor among the many that have resulted in a net century-long history of ever-decreasing global burned area... Read More High Temperature Stress vs. High CO2 Relief in Kentucky Bluegrass (22 Jul 2014) According to climate alarmists, high temperatures due to climate change in...

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