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A Global Fire History of the Past Century

What does it reveal about the relative roles of climate change and direct human impacts? Based on the results of this study, it is crystal clear that mankind’s various activities constitute by far the most important single factor among the many that have resulted in a net century-long history of ever-decreasing global burned area... Read More High Temperature Stress vs. High CO2 Relief in Kentucky Bluegrass (22 Jul 2014) According to climate alarmists, high temperatures due to climate change in...

Global Climate Change and Red Seaweed Production in China

According to the authors of this study, “ongoing climate change (increasing atmospheric CO2 and global warming) might exert a favorable influence on the mariculture of G. lemaneiformis through the improved photosynthetic performances”... Read More A High-Arctic Feedback to Climate Warming (8 Jul 2014) It would appear that the warming expected by many climate scientists to occur in response to rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations should produce a significant negative feedback throughout the...

Accelerating Growth Rates of British Colombia (Canada) Forests

What are the driving forces behind their upward trajectories? Climate change, CO2 enrichment, and nitrogen deposition... Read More Modelling Drought Throughout the World (1 Jul 2014) The authors of this study conclude “it is probably not possible to determine reliable decadal and longer-term trends in drought due to climate change without first accounting for the effects of ENSO and the Pacific Decadal Oscillation,” the former of which phenomena they describe as “the most common source of...

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