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Brexit’s Energy Lesson for California, et al

“California’s largest utility and environmental groups announced a deal Tuesday [June 21] to shutter the last nuclear power plant in the state.” This statement from the Associated Press reporting about the announced closure of the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant should startle you. The news about shutting down California’s last operating nuclear power plant, especially after Pacific Gas & Electric Co. (PG&E) had sought a 20-year extension of the operating licenses for...

Will the War Against Parental Choice Ever End?

No matter how many courts have rejected their pleadings, enemies of school choice appear committed to a 100-year-long judicial war in quest of some ultimate edict that will keep American students forever captive in government schools. Consider that blunderbuss of a lawsuit in Florida that began in 2009 with an effort by activists led by the Southern Legal Counsel to persuade the state judiciary to declare the Sunshine State’s school system in violation of a state constitutional requirement “to...

Shocker: The Media As One Cheerlead Another Government Power Grab

The American media cabal is…ridiculous. They are the Borg of politics - many entities, but of but one Leftist mind. Led around by their noses by whatever hack government-growing politician is before them at that moment. Remember this? Obama Administration Admits They Lied About Iran Deal, 'Ventriloquized' The Media The (New York) Times reports that (White House National Security Advisor Ben) Rhodes and his lackeys have “become adept at ventriloquizing many (media) people at once...

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