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How Dangerous Is Snus? Don’t Ask New York Times Editors

The New York Times has added more fuel to the anti-tobacco-harm-reduction fire with a December 4 editorial (here) rehashing the somewhat slanted reporting that appeared in the paper’s news pages on November 30.  In two stories that day, the Times explored issues surrounding Swedish Match’s FDA application to change the warnings on its snus products.  As I noted (here), “The Times and their quoted experts did a major disservice to their audience; they failed to report the...

Hayek's Warning: The Social Engineer's Pretense of Knowledge

Forty years ago, on December 11, 1974, Austrian economist, Friedrich A. Hayek, formally received that year’s Nobel Prize in Economics at the official ceremonies in Stockholm, Sweden. He delivered a lecture called, “The Pretense of Knowledge,” which forcefully challenged all those who believe that government has the wisdom or ability to successfully plan the economic affairs of society. His primary target were the Keynesian economists at that time who were confident that they could micro-manage...

Dear Bill Bennett: Get A Little More Reaganesque On Common Core

I’m too young to know if Ronald Reagan’s former Education Secretary Bill Bennett has always been a squish. He did preside over an unconstitutional and aggressively statist department Reagan had promised to close, so that seems like a good indicator of Bennett’s commitment to smaller government and bigger individual liberty and community self-determination. So the gentleman has been getting paid by the well-heeled Common Core squad (Bill Gates has more money than God, and he’s...

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