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Experts Declare CO2 Benefits Outweigh Dangers

At this year's International Climate Change Conference (ICCC-10) hosted by Heartland Institute, speakers and scientists praised the social and economic benefits of carbon dioxide - a position in direct contrast to those popularly held among climate change radicals. Historical Background of Concern Over Climate Change  As part of Agenda 21 (See here the Agenda) the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), also known as the Earth Summit, took...

The Link Between Climate and Poverty

The climate alarmists are practically giddy over Pope Francis’ recently released “climate encyclical”—remember, these are, generally, the very same people who dis the church and its position on abortion, the origin of life on earth, and the definition of marriage. Even Al Gore, who admits he was “raised in the Southern Baptist tradition,” has declared he “could become a Catholic because of this Pope.” Not surprisingly, Carl Pope, who served as executive director of the Sierra...

Twin peaks – Twin Lies

Supposedly record-high temperature and carbon dioxide levels supposedly bring record chaos Editor's note: Article co-authored by Paul Driessen and Tom Tamarkin A recent NOAA article is just what Doctor Doom ordered. It claims the 18-year “hiatus” in rising planetary temperatures isn’t really happening. (The “pause” followed a 20-year modest temperature increase, which followed a prolonged cooling period.) The article states: Here we present an updated global surface temperature analysis...

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