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Report: Indiana Best, Montana Worst in School Choice

The Center for Education Reform (CER) released its 2015 Parent Power Index in August, and the results show a significant disparity in parental empowerment among states. According to the report, Indiana ranked best in parental empowerment and school choice, while Montana finished last. CER President Kara Kerwin says the Parent Power Index ranks several variables, including strength of charter school laws, school choice, online learning, teacher quality, and transparency in education information...

“Cadillac Tax” Likely to Scale Back Employee Benefits

The “Cadillac tax,” a new tax under Obamacare taking effect in 2018, could force some employers to cut back or even eliminate employer-provided health care benefits for their workers. The new excise tax will be levied on certain high-cost insurance plans exceeding $10,200 annually for one person or $27,500 annually for family coverage. It will be imposed on any self-insured employers or insurance companies selling group health plans to employers and insurance carriers will almost certainly pass...

Pope Francis: Before One Can Know What is Moral, He Must Know What is True

As predicted in an article I wrote last week published inThe Federalist, Pope Francis is making climate change a signature issue during his visit to the United States. This morning, in remarks presented at the White House, Pope Francis commenced his U.S. tour by proclaiming “climate change is a problem that can no longer be left to a future generation,” thereafter complimenting the Obama Administration for the policy prescription it advocates in addressing the issue (i.e., reducing CO2 ...

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