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Patent Reform Meets Renewed Opposition

The announcement by the House Republican leadership that the Innovation Committee by a bipartisan vote of 24-8, but this vote was less convincing than the previous vote (33-5) on a nearly identical bill advanced in the House Judiciary Act (H.R. 9) will not be scheduled for a vote this summer has the bill's supporters concerned but not yet alarmed. In June, H.R. 9 ("The Innovation Act") was advanced in the House Judiciary Committee in the 113th Congress. The Senate Judiciary Committee advanced...

E-Cigarettes Not a Path to Smoking

In an editorial calling for regulations which would put obstacles in front of adults who seek to quit smoking by switching to e-cigarettes, The Sun's editorial board relies on a powerfully debunked innuendo and preposterous logic ("Teens and e-cigarettes," Aug. 23). The basis for the paper's concern that e-cigarettes cause teens to smoke cigarettes is entirely unfounded. In fact, the small survey the piece cites acknowledges that an association between teen experimentation with e-cigarette use...

Assault by Government: Draining the Capital Pool

David Lee Roth – the original lead singer of mega-rock group Van Halen – gave us an excellent assessment of the value of coin: “Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a yacht big enough to pull up right alongside it.” What this amusingly quantifies is that money is a vital component of any and everything we do. Certainly for how we (allegedly – used to) organize our economy. “Capital” is the fundamental element of capital-ism. It is the engine that drives our yachts – right up...

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