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Bee Facts Changed – Green Agendas Did Not

Activists and White House appear ready to present new justifications for unjustified policies The White House finally appears ready to announce conclusions and policy recommendations from the Pollinator Task Force it appointed a year ago. Environmentalist groups eagerly await the decision. After clamoring and campaigning for years for government action, they hope to get tough restrictions on using innovative new insecticides called neonicotinoids. Agricultural interests await the decision with...

No, Affordable Oil Will Not Cause A New Great Depression

By: James M. Taylor and Justin Haskins Democratic Party strategist Robert Weiner claims inexpensive domestic oil production via hydraulic fracturing will cause a new Great Depression, yet exactly the opposite is true. Writing in the Lynchburg, Virginia-based News & Advance, Weiner and his colleague Hannah Coombs strangely argue that Americans taking advantage of abundant, affordable energy resources is bad for the economy and will destroy our standard of living. In reality, Weiner and...

Pope Francis Should Follow John Paul II's Lead on Climate Encyclical

[NOTE: This is a guest post by Bruce Colbert.] The words of Pope John Paul II, spoken to the United Nations General Assembly on October 5, 1995, ought to inform Pope Francis’ upcoming encyclical on climate change and the environment. Pope John Paul II said: “We must not be afraid of the future. We must not be afraid of man. It is no accident that we are here. Each and every human person has been created in the ‘image and likeness’ of the One who is the origin of all that is. We...

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