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Gateways to Liberty, Ecology and Prosperity – #1: Introducing the New Resource Economics

This series of essays explores intersections of liberty, ecology, and prosperity. Where and why do they thrive together? Responsible liberty, sustainable ecology, and modest prosperity don’t always or easily go together. I discuss circumstances where these values are complementary not conflicting. This is radically different from the conventional “Green” perspective. In that view, these three values are inherently and necessarily in opposition. The environmental culture really can be sunnier....

On Brexit, the UK/EU Divorce

Going into yesterday’s vote in the United Kingdom, the smart money was on “remain” – that is, that the UK should remain a member of the European Union. Pre-election polls gave remain the edge, the exchange rate of the British pound was trending up, and the betting markets were giving 3-to-1 odds. But, when the votes were counted, the people were found to have voted to “leave.” The financial markets today have reverberated with anxiety. There’s talk of Denmark, Italy and Netherlands demanding an...

Donald Trump Bankrupts American Politics

Commentators from the political "left" as well as the "right" have attempted to analyze and dissect the rise and appeal of Donald Trump. The reality is, I would suggest, is that he represents the essence of the modern interventionist state, with its regulated economy and redistributive politics. Those on the "left" see Trump as the epitome of an undercurrent of American racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia. Trump represents an appeal to those voters, they believe, who are fearful of...

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