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Las Vegas Fossil Data Supports Natural Global Warming

A November 10, 2015 news release from the U. S. Geological Survey describes a paper posted in the U. S. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences "Dynamic response of desert wetlands to abrupt climate change".  From examination of fossils in a region North of Las Vegas, NV, researchers determined periods of extreme warmth in which wetlands dried up with extinction of wild life.  These warm periods were warmer than today in which wetlands exist.  The paper mentioned...

Common Core’s Double Whammy

Some of the most reliable yardsticks in monitoring academic progress in K-12 education are the assessments known as the Nation’s Report Card, officially the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). The results from its 2015 assessments are in, and they are not encouraging. Perhaps the most interesting performance measure reported by NAEP is the percentage of students who have “passed” the criteria for grade-level performance. Looking at the national testing done on eighth grade...

Ethanol Loses its Few Friends

Early in his campaign, now top-tier Republican presidential candidate, Ben Carson, supported ethanol—a position for which I called him out. It has long been thought, that to win in Iowa, a candidate must support ethanol. However, in a major policy reversal, Carson told a national audience during the CNBC GOP debate that he no longer supports subsidies for any industry, including U.S. ethanol producers: “I have studied that issue in great detail and what I’ve concluded,...

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