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You Want More Affordable, Accessible Food for the Planet? You Want Less Government

What is far and away the most important global trade commodity?  Food.  People have to eat. Before the world’s peoples can afford to purchase from us an iPhone, or a Ford pickup truck – they have to buy (hopefully our) food. And governments are making sustenance so much more expensive. Governments raise the prices of everything we try to buy. They do so indirectly – via hidden costs of government we can’t clearly see. Just here in the United States: America’s Soaring Regulations Cost...

EPA Ripping Off Taxpayers to Support its Policies

 For those concerned about the U. S. government going in debt $1.5 billion every day, rejoice.  Here is a chief example--EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy will be in Atlanta October 26 to address the National Congress of American Indians.  (The News Announcement follows this article.)  No doubt she will be giving out large amounts of 'wampum' to keep tribal support for EPA regulations that inhibit economic growth of the United States. EPA gives out grant money (your tax...

Activists Push to Censor Texas Textbooks

There is a controversy over proposed new school textbooks in Texas—not over what is actually in the books but instead over scientific facts environmental lobbyists want the publishers to keep out of them. The activists want to censor the textbooks. Texas is a huge market for textbook publishers, so publishers listen seriously to questions raised by the Texas Board of Education (TBOE). When TBOE adopts a textbook, much of the nation follows. The TBOE is in the midst of adopting new social...

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