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New Documentary Focuses on the World's Insatiable Thirst for Energy

Chicago's Heartland Institute recently hosted Johan Norberg, an analyst and writer from Sweden, to discuss his documentary, "Power to the People." The trailer for Johan Norberg's latest documentary was released last year and the documentary itself will premiere on the WORLD Channel  Monday, April 27.  The effort explores how innovation and new technologies are meeting our world's growing energy needs.  Hence, the biggest challenge to be faced, given a world that...

America's Position in Foreign Policy Fading Fast Because of Obama's Climate Stance

This story from the United Kingdom that details information that has not been mentioned on U.S. television or the print media. In order to shrink our nation’s international influence, the Chinese Government has established the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). The AIIB is to compete with the World Bank and International Monetary Fund which is influenced by the United States to avoid loans involving use of coal. As shown in the article, most developed nations have joined the...

The Left’s Hidden Plan to End Free Speech and Two Ways to Stop It

The modern American left will someday be remembered as one of history’s truly “odd ducks.” Unlike many of the redistributionist movements of the past, American leftism has managed to fuse diametrically opposed concepts, such as “individual liberty” and “government-mandated equality,” into a singular, conflicting political platform. On the one hand, the leftist says every American needs to respect the rights of homosexual couples. Christians and others shouldn’t impose their own moral and...

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