Policy Briefs

“A Critical Assessment of ‘Air concentrations of volatile compounds near oil and gas production: A community-based exploratory study’

February 17, 2015

In October 2014, Environmental Health published a study purporting to show fracking operations for oil and gas production cause dangerous air quality issues.

Why Patent Reforms Are Needed

February 10, 2015

Patent abuse is harming the U.S. economy.

Critique of “Climate Change Adaptation: DOD Can Improve Infrastructure Planning and Processes to Better Account for Potential Impacts”

February 5, 2015

The following text is complete except for the omission of two graphs. To view the complete Policy Brief, open the PDF using the link above.

Power to the People: Repealing and Replacing Obamacare with Patient Power

December 1, 2014

Promising “Voters will wildly and widely applaud replacing Obamacare with patient power,” Heartland Institute Senior Fellow Peter Ferrara describes in a new Policy Brief the steps needed t

Why Do Some Futures Contracts Succeed and Others Fail?

January 14, 2015

The history of futures contracts reveals their important economic role and impressive social benefits. The Crimean War of the 1850s and the U.S.

Liberating the Poor from the Medicaid Ghetto

October 6, 2014

Medicaid is a massive federal-state entitlement program desperately in need of reform. Its mission is to provide health care to the poorest of the nation’s poor ...

Replacing Common Core with Proven Standards of Excellence

David V. Anderson
October 1, 2014


Merchants of Smear

September 19, 2014

For about two decades we’ve been told the science behind human-caused global warming is settled, and to ignore skeptic scientists because they’ve been paid by industry to manufacture doubt about th

Replacing the Environmental Protection Agency

July 15, 2014

The national EPA must be systematically dismantled and replaced by a Committee of the Whole of the 50 state environmental protection agencies.

Block Grants for All: Liberating the Poor and Taxpayers Alike

May 5, 2014

The remarkable success of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 – better known simply as “welfare reform” – is well known.

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