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Research & Commentary: Nevada Margins Tax

December 27, 2013

Nevada’s tax system, which has neither individual nor corporate income taxes, is well-designed and has allowed the state to enjoy significant increases in population, employment, and economic growt

Research & Commentary: Supreme Court Rejects Internet Tax Case

December 16, 2013

A legal challenge to state “Amazon tax” laws was recently rejected for review by the United States Supreme Court. The U.S. Supreme Court’s 1992 decision in Quill Corp. v.

Research & Commentary: Reforming SNAP

December 16, 2013

Funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the food assistance program also known as food stamps, has received increased attention in recent months.

Research & Commentary: E15 and Ohio

December 6, 2013

Ohio currently does not require gasoline be blended with renewable fuel, but ethanol is still frequently blended with the state’s motor gasoline in compliance with the federal Renewable Fuel Standa

Research & Commentary: Age Restrictions for Electronic Cigarettes in Ohio

December 6, 2013

On November 13, the Ohio House of Representative passed House Bill 144, which would

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  • Research & Commentary: Seat Time

    December 6, 2013

    “Seat time” is an often-overlooked aspect of education policy.

    Research & Commentary: Technology and Education

    November 29, 2013

    Some educators say implanting computers into existing classrooms, even with few other changes, will dramatically benefit students.

    Research & Commentary: Regulating and Taxing E-Cigarettes in Iowa

    November 22, 2013

    Electronic cigarettes have quickly become one of the most popular nicotine replacement products; the total market is expected to hit $1.7 billion this year.

    Research & Commentary: Sales Tax Holidays

    November 22, 2013

    Sales tax holidays have become a popular tool for state and local governments hoping to encourage certain types of con

    Research & Commentary: Technological Services Taxes

    November 13, 2013

    A recent report from the Bay Area Council Economic Institute found the high-tech sector has grown

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