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Miami Taxicab Companies Sue County Government Over Uber Legalization

After local lawmakers voted to allow peer-to-peer transportation network companies, such as Uber and Lyft, to operate in Miami-Dade County, Florida, taxicab company owners filed a lawsuit against the county government, demanding $1 billion in taxpayer money as compensation. The lawsuit, filed in May, claims county commissioners are responsible for protecting the value of taxicab licenses purchased by taxi companies. ‘An Exciting Time’ Sal Nuzzo, vice president of policy at the James Madison...

Google Is Rigging Searches For Hillary Clinton

This is huge news - but it is hardly surprising. Google - President Barack Obama’s biggest crony in a sea full of armadas full of legions of Obama cronies - has been cozying up to the woman Obama just endorsed to succeed him: Hillary Clinton. And by “cozying up” - we mean warping their search results to hide Clinton’s decades of scandals and scandalous behavior. Last year, Wired magazine warned us about the election-manipulating power of Google: Google’s...

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