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Google Is Rigging Searches For Hillary Clinton

This is huge news - but it is hardly surprising. Google - President Barack Obama’s biggest crony in a sea full of armadas full of legions of Obama cronies - has been cozying up to the woman Obama just endorsed to succeed him: Hillary Clinton. And by “cozying up” - we mean warping their search results to hide Clinton’s decades of scandals and scandalous behavior. Last year, Wired magazine warned us about the election-manipulating power of Google: Google’s...

Austin, Texas Voters Send Uber Packing

Voters in Austin, Texas rejected a ballot initiative proposing to roll back the city’s tough regulations on popular peer-to-peer economy transportation network companies (TNC) connecting drivers and riders, such as Uber. In 2014, the Austin City Council enacted a temporary ordinance allowing individuals to use those services until more permanent regulations were crafted. In December 2015, the Austin City Council passed an ordinance governing TNC operations in the city, requiring drivers to be...

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