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Banning Industrial Sand Mining Would Be a Mistake

If the Houston County (Minnesota) Board votes to ban fracking tonight, it won’t because the board members are basing their decision on the best available science. Banning sand mining in Houston County would be a detrimental policy decision, because the available evidence from Wisconsin shows sand mining does not threaten the environment or the tourism industry. Sand mining can be a positive contributor to local economies that creates quality job opportunities and infuses much-needed wealth...

Consumers' Sovereignty and Natural vs. Contrived Scarcities

One of the great myths about the capitalist system is the presumption that businessmen make profits at the expense of the consumers and workers in society. Nothing could be further from the truth. In the free market, consumers are the sovereign rulers who determine what gets produced, and with what qualities and features. The sovereign consumers also determine who will be the owners and entrepreneurs of business enterprises. The “captains of industry” are not the businessmen, but the buying...

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