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Who Wins With Obama’s Net Neutrality?

The Barack Obama Administration’s Thursday Internet uber-power grab is awful for just about every American.  It will lead to dramatically more expensive Web access – because of both raised service costs and huge new taxes. And we will see a spiraling, regressive devolution of speed.  It will be a return to the spinning wheel of Web-waiting death.  When government regulation increases – private investment decreases.  When investment goes – forward progress goes with...

Report: Intellectual Property Abuses Threaten Innovation and Cost Consumers Billions

Last week House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte reintroduced the Innovation Act, a patent-reform measure that passed the House in the previous Congress 325-91 and is supported by a diverse swath of American industry, including Google, the National Retail Federation, Microsoft, and the Application Developers Alliance. The bill mirrors the 2013 version word for word and, according to Goodlatte and his bipartisan group of co-sponsors – Reps. Anna Eshoo, Darrell Issa, Peter DeFazio and Jerry...

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