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Study: Taxes are Costliest Part of Providing Telecom Services

Study: Taxes are Costliest Part of Providing Telecom Services Johnny Kampis A study on rural broadband found that — wait for it — taxes are far and away the largest cost involved in providing telecommunications services. This comes after another report last year indicated taxes could slow down wireless broadband expansion. Hudson Institute’s “The Economic Impact of Rural Broadband” found that excise-type taxes that providers collect and remit to governments make up $1.3 billion of the “...

7 Top Takeaways from EU’s Google-Android-Tying Charges

The European Commission has charged Alphabet-Google with abusing its dominance in the market for “general Internet search services,” by implementing an Android “strategy of mobile devices to preserve and strengthen its dominance in general Internet search.” The EU objects to a variety of secret Google contract conditions to manufacturer licenses to leverage the dominant (>90% share) Android OS to secretly restrict and foreclose competition in ways that ultimately harm consumer choice...

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