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FCC’s Title II Trifecta Gamble

The FCC could not have gambled more riskily in how it implemented net neutrality. It simultaneously snubbed all three branches of the U.S. Government with its Title II utility regulation approach. If this were a horse race bet, the FCC’s Title II gamble would be like someone betting their mortgage on a trifecta bet where the bettor only wins by guessing exactly which horses come in first, second, and third. Right now, while this Title II net neutrality horse race is still being run, the...

Why Entitle-ify Special Access If There’s No FCC Utility Rate Regulation?

We will learn quickly and unequivocally at the FCC’s August 6th meeting, if the FCC is true to its word -- that there will be no “utility-style rate regulation” of broadband. While the FCC’s Open Internet Order fact sheet stated: “the Order makes clear that broadband providers shall not be subject to tariffs or other form of rate approval, unbundling, or other forms of utility regulation,” will the FCC majority -- in its first post-Open-Internet-order ruling --...

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