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EU Antitrust Endgame is Google-Android Platform Neutrality

Most have missed entirely the broader significance of the EC-DGComp’s laser-focused Google Statement of Objections (that charge Google is dominant in search and is abusing that dominance in Google Shopping by self-dealing via preferencing Google content over competitors’ content) in the broader context of the EU’s new “platform neutrality” principle to advance a European Single Digital Market. To date, Google is the only digital company that the EC-DGComp has found to be an...

Big Government Advocates Say They Want More Competition – Their ‘Solutions’ Result in Less

The road to Hell is paved with good government intentions. We need not ascribe malicious motives to Big Government advocates – we need only look at their results. Total US Debt Rises Over $18 Trillion; Up 70% Under Barack Obama Why Are We Not Talking About America’s $123 Trillion In Unfunded Liabilities? With this track record of uber-failure – which has put us on the fast track to oblivion – why would we want even more government? When everything Big Government advocates say they need –...

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