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Silicon Valley’s 6 Biggest Net Neutrality Fantasies Special Report

If Silicon Valley folks are indeed the smartest of the smart, how could they be so easily fooled on net neutrality? Normally smarts distinguish between what’s testable and real versus what is the pixie-dust of dreams.   So where’s the real data and sound scientific thinking behind Silicon Valley’s grandiose net neutrality presumptions? Why isn’t Silicon Valley adhering to its own data-driven, scientific decision-making principles? Summary of Silicon Valley’s 6 Biggest...

Supreme Court and European Union Expose Google's Massive Privacy Liabilities

Google has privacy clay feet. The NSA and Big Data may also, since they are relying on many of the same outdated legal assumptions as Google. In the last few months, both the U.S. Supreme Court and European authorities have made new baseline privacy decisions that have greatly strengthened individuals’ right to privacy. As a result, they’ve also exposed and heightened Google’s massive privacy liabilities. Contrary to tech-driven conventional wisdom, privacy is not dead. It’s being...

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