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HBO Streaming Is Good News for All Entertainment Consumers

Acting on plans reported here a month ago, entertainment channel HBO has decided to end its thirty-plus-year dependence on cable and satellite distributors, announcing it will offer an online streaming video service beginning next year. Following a trail blazed by Netflix,, Acorn Media, and others, HBO will offer the service without a cable subscription in an effort to reach the ten-million-plus broadband-only homes, a category that is increasing steadily. In his announcement,...

Federal Investigators Get Caught 'Catfishing' with Woman’s Seized Pics

Social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter, or online dating sites are sometimes littered with fake profiles of attractive young women, tempting lonely users. Representing themselves with photographs of someone else, such confidence artists sometimes trick unwary Internet users into divulging their personal information, or even their financial information. This kind of scam — nicknamed “catfishing” after the user-handle employed by a notorious scammer employing this method in 2010 — has...

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