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Let’s Not Emulate How Much of the World Treats Intellectual Property

April 26 is World Intellectual Property (IP) Day: “We celebrate World Intellectual Property Day to learn about the role that intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyright) play in encouraging innovation and creativity.” It’s sad that so many of us still need to learn “the role that intellectual property rights…play in encouraging innovation and creativity.” It’s sad that the inherently obvious isn’t inherently obvious: that IP and its protection is a...

Vermont Patient-Monitoring App Has Massive Potential

Consumer Power Report #503 Boston-based PatientPing has developed a new application that helps doctors monitor their patients’ activities at other health care facilities, an innovation some are saying could help lower costs and improve patient care. PatientPing notifies a patient’s primary care physician when he or she has been admitted to a hospital, emergency room, or nursing care facility that is part of the national PatientPing network. It also allows doctors to see when patients are...

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