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Maryland Rules Uber is a Common Carrier - Will FCC Agree?

The Daily Record reports that the Maryland Public Service Commission ruled that Uber is a common carrier subject to its regulatory jurisdiction.   The PSC stated:  “[W]hen viewed in their totality, the undisputed facts and circumstances in this case make it clear that Uber is engaged in the public transportation of persons for hire. Thus, Uber is a common carrier and a public service company over whom the Commission has jurisdiction…” In 60 days, PSC will draft “new...

Silicon Valley’s 6 Biggest Net Neutrality Fantasies Special Report

If Silicon Valley folks are indeed the smartest of the smart, how could they be so easily fooled on net neutrality? Normally smarts distinguish between what’s testable and real versus what is the pixie-dust of dreams.   So where’s the real data and sound scientific thinking behind Silicon Valley’s grandiose net neutrality presumptions? Why isn’t Silicon Valley adhering to its own data-driven, scientific decision-making principles? Summary of Silicon Valley’s 6 Biggest...

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